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Simplex Load Ranger 3000 - 3MW Portable Load Bank - Network Interconnect - Digital Metering - 480V, 3 Phase - Min Load Step 5kW - Local/Remote Controls - Call 877.288.4482 For Details

When the clock is ticking and you need immediate delivery, we can help. From small 75kW “suitcase” solutions to multi MVAR inductive/reactive systems, our extensive fleet of rental equipment is built by the most respected names in the industry, is in excellent condition, and ready to support your power-testing requirements today. We offer competitive rates by the day, week, or month.

Our fleet of rental equipment includes single and 3-Phase AC-resistive, DC-resistive, reactive/ inductive, and specialty load banks, as well as transformers, and power cables. A wide range of voltage and load requirements are supported.

Need help figuring out which load banks to use? Call the load bank specialists at 877.288.4482.